Texas Pest Management Association

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About TPMA

Texas Pest Management Association (TPMA) is the only statewide, multi-commodity, non-profit, producer organization in Texas dedicated to the development and implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs. IPM programs in Texas have provided increased profitability and environmental stability for agriculture through research, education and application. Fiscal management of funds is provided by TPMA for IPM units.

TPMA is a grower funded and grower managed organization that cooperates directly with AgriLife Extension to implement IPM concepts at the grassroots level. The cooperation between TPMA and AgriLife Extension has created an advantageous environment for the moving of practical research from experimental field trials to applied science at the farm level. The Texas program represents an optimal approach of farm growers working directly with Extension personnel to help the program through a continuing evolutionary process. The program has allowed a two-way communication tunnel that allows Cooperative Extension to disseminate program information to growers.

Goals of TPMA

  • To encourage the implementation of integrated pest management practices.
  • To coordinate pest management activities across the state.
  • To help growers organize into pest management units.
  • To serve as a liaison between cooperating state and federal agencies.
  • To develop state and national assistance for growers' pest management activities.
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